Multistat’s stylish, high-res touchscreen displays temperature inside and out, your local weather forecast and even Savant Scenes.


With Multistat, whole home control is at hand. Imagine calling up a custom Savant “Relax” Scene that dims the lights, lowers the shades, cues your playlist and lights your gas fireplace.

Savant Climate Control System

Reduce the demands of heating and cooling systems by configuring your home automation system to adjust thermostat levels based on the outside temperature. Pre-set blinds to close during the midday sun to keep the interior cool, conserve energy and protect expensive furnishings. Remotely monitor and adjust climate status throughout the house while away from home using your smart phone.


IT JUST FEELS RIGHT Set specific temperatures in each room to
keep the whole family happy
STAY COOL IN THE SHADE Schedule your blinds to close mid-day and help keep the house cool
CUSTOMIZED CONSERVATION Monitor your energy output and
make adjustments to save money
STOCK UP ON SOLAR If you’ve got excess solar energy,
boost your A/C and save it for later

Featured Products

Savant Wireless Thermostat (SST-W100)

Savant Wireless Thermostat (SST-W100)

The Savant Wireless Thermostat (SST-W100) is a Wi-Fi® enabled wireless digital thermostat designed to control Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The SST-W100 contains a robust thermostat interface and is designed to integrate seamlessly into a Savant-controlled environment. Using the TrueControl iPad® App for the HVAC Scheduler allows for instant changes and scheduling of climate setpoints throughout areas of a facility or home. The app also provides an instantaneous and historical view of the temperature, humidity, setpoints, and stage information. Savant Climate Control.
HVAC System Compatibility: -Centralized HVAC systems or separate heating / cooling systems can use separate Rh / Rc Transformers -Standard gas / electric system: two-stage heating, two-state cooling -Heat pump HVAC systems: three-stage heating, two-state cooling -Heat pump changeover valve (reversible valve): selectable for changeover with heat or changeover with cooling -Emergency heat: In heat pump mode emergency heat is directly selectable from the thermostat
Key Features: – Wi-Fi enabed Thermostat, 802.11 – Supports standard or heat pump HVAC systems – Includes 128 x 64 backlit graphical display – Local temperature displays on backlit LCD – Setpoint display and control – System mode (off, auto, heat and cool) – Fan display and control (auto and on) – Six buttons with on-screen labels – Fahrenheit or Celsius mode – Optional indoor remote temperature sensors – Integrates easily with TrueControl™ HVAC Scheduler – Automatically sends changes, which eliminates polling

Savant 8-Zone Thermostat Processing Unit

Savant 8-Zone Thermostat Processing Unit

The CLI-8000 is an eight-zone Thermostat Processing Units (TPU). The CLI-8000 easily integrates into most leading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions.  It is configured using the 6-button keypad display embedded in the inside panel.


– Controls up to eight separate HVAC systems with configurable HVAC modes (Off, Auto, Heat and Cool) – Supports Standard and Heat Pump HVAC systems – Zones may be grouped together to form a zone controller group for controlling zone dampers – Sensors Available – Remote indoor and outdoor, as well as slab and plenum sensors – Up to four temperature sensors and up to two humidity sensors can be configured in any one zone – Fan control and configurable Fan Cycler – Integrates easily within Savant Systems for control via the Savant TrueControl™ Application

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