Where’s That Music Coming From? Architectural Speakers!

Where’s That Music Coming From? Architectural Speakers!

Architectural speakers are the latest and greatest in audio equipment. Remember when stereo speakers were like pieces of furniture and weighed just as much? As the years have gone on, they’ve gotten smaller and smaller while the sound just gets better and better. But only if you purchase the right product. Otherwise, the hardware might be modern enough to fit in your pocket, but the sound might be more reminiscent of an old-time Victrola.

Many homes are wired or retrofit for the ability to hear music in every room, but you still need to find a place to put the speakers. They might be tiny in comparison to what they looked like in the 70s, but they can still put a kink in your décor, especially if you have gone the minimalist route. Wireless speakers are a great invention and make placement easier, but the sound quality can’t compare to hard-wired models, which can leave nests of cables tangled in the corners of every room. Enter: recessed architectural speakers.

Indoors or Out

Architectural speakers can be installed in the walls or ceiling of any room in your home and they will seamlessly blend with their surroundings so that the music appears to be coming from the air! Aluminum, rust-proof grilles make it safe to install these speakers in kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and other high-moisture areas. They come in white to match most ceilings, but if you want them installed in the walls instead, they’re paintable so you can have an exact match. The superior sound quality of top-of-the-line architectural speakers lends a live quality to the music you stream. They are perfect for basement home theaters, where the authentic cinema surround-sound can fool anyone into thinking they’re at the multiplex.

But why limit your enjoyment of music to the inside of your home? Architectural speakers can be installed outside as well, allowing you to play some classical music for a romantic dinner al fresco, some old-time rock-n-roll for a baby boomer backyard birthday party, or modern tunes for your teenagers’ pool party.

Great for Offices

These nearly invisible speakers are also perfect in an office setting. And today’s models are not like the tinny ones you remember from your dentist’s office — this is high performance, state-of-the-art sound. Individual controls allow you to play music for clients in some areas while allowing for different music for employees in other areas. Or music can be turned off altogether in rooms where workers need quiet for meetings or to focus on their work.

Theatron Home Theater and Smart Homes is the expert in outfitting homes and offices with architectural speakers in Northern Virgina & Washington DC — call them today to find out how you can get beautiful music from speakers that are heard and not seen.


Klipsch Horn Loaded Speakers Technology

Klipsch Horn Loaded Speakers Technology

Klipsch Horn Loaded Speakers Technology

In a Klipsch blog post, an excellent overview was posted about Klipschorn technology. This article is a great starting point to those unfamiliar with the brand and an excellent refresher for those that have used it for years. Let’s take a look at how Klipsch Horn Loaded speakers work:

“You hear Klipsch talk about our unique horn-loaded speakers that create louder sound with less distortion, but do you know how Klipsch horn loaded speakers technology works? Don’t worry! You do not need to be an audiophile to learn this stuff. Let’s start with the basics.

Klipsch Horn Loaded Speakers 101
The larger the radiating diaphragm of a speaker (that’s the circular portion of a speaker that moves back and forth to push air), the more air will be moved and the greater the sound energy. However, large diaphragms are inconvenient and heavy. By using a flared transmission channel (a horn) the effective radiating area of the source of sound can be increased to that of the mouth, thus creating greater air coupling (louder sound).

Because of the gradual change of the diameter of a horn, the source of sound at the throat engages all the air in a horn. We can think of a horn as having an imaginary, massless diaphragm at the mouth. This “virtual” diaphragm is no less effective for being imaginary – the molecules of air are vibrating back and forth as if a diaphragm the size of the horn’s mouth were actually there.

Notice the size of the horn throat where the sound originates versus the size of the horn mouth where the sound leaves the horn and is amplified.

There may appear to be an unreal quality about the action of a horn in that it seems to get something for nothing, making a soft sound into a loud one. A horn is purely a passive device, and does not inject additional energy into the system. But the reason that a horn is able to increase the radiation of sound from a given source so dramatically (by factors of 10 or more) is that most sources of sound have only a very poor bite on the surrounding air, and do not succeed in changing much of the mechanical energy into acoustical energy.

The horn allows the mechanical power capabilities of the source to be tapped much more efficiently. In the case of horn-loaded speakers, neither the electromechanical efficiency nor the power capability of the speaker itself is changed, but the transfer of mechanical to acoustical energy is greatly increased. This is why our speakers can produce louder sound efficiently, thus pissing off your neighbors.”

In the latest Reference Premiere product from Klipsch, you will find the redesigned Tractrix horn from a 60×90 horn to a 90×90 horn for a wider dispersion area. This square horn mouth is paired with a circular horn throat for enhanced sound staging, while maintaining the dynamic, powerful sound of a Klipsch speaker.

The former Reference II speaker horns were composed of ABS plastic. To decrease horn resonance for a smoother, warmer high frequency response, the Reference Premiere horns are made of compressed molded silicone – also displaying a sleek design contrast against the brushed polymer veneer baffle finish.

To learn more about Klipsch technology and the new Reference Premiere  line of speakers in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, please contact [email protected].

Whole House Music Distribution

Whole House Music Distribution

Have the ability to control multiple zones of audio equipment from anywhere around the house.

Imagine having a stereo in every room of the house! With a Theatron whole house music distribution system, you can. Choose the basic option of volume control knobs, or replace those with sleek iPads offering many additional control possibilities. With an iPad, at each location you have the flexibility of choosing preset radio stations,SiriusXM satellite, music streaming from services like Pandora,Spotify,Rhapsody TuneIn and Slacker

Simple Operation

Operation of our systems is simple, with navigation easily learned by even a non-technical person in a matter of minutes. You also don’t have to listen to the same thing throughout the entire house. Choose a source for each room if you like, and give multiple listeners the chance to enjoy different sources.

Flexible Fit (Yes we can add this)

Theatron multi room home stereo systems can be done in new construction, and can also be retrofitted for most existing homes. By using a multi room audio system, you have more elegant design possibilities. You can locate all of your equipment in a remote location. You can then place speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves, or in the walls or ceilings of your rooms, and use a keypad in the wall of each room to control the system.

Throw the Coolest Parties

With a Theatron system, parties become easier and more entertaining. Have you ever tried to fill a house with music, and had to have the system so loud it drowned out all the conversation? With our systems, you can go to the keypad in each room and adjust the source and volume accordingly. Or if you like, with a one-button push, the entire home music system can be shut off.

Unlimited Control

Theatron’s systems are limited only by your imagination. Whether you want basic volume control or iPad control your system is custom designed to meet your needs and to provide the level of control you desire.

Many systems now allow you to start out with a basic multi room home audio system and expand it later to include the convenient home automation features of lighting control, climate control, camera control, and much more!