Control4 is the ultimate smart home system for bringing comfort, convenience, and safety to your home. We offer a wide range of products, from automated lighting and climate control, to home security and entertainment systems. Our focus is to make your home smarter, more efficient, and more enjoyable. We strive to provide our customers with the best service and support, so that they can take full advantage of the smart home technology. With Control4, you can easily control, monitor and enjoy your home from anywhere in the world.

Control4 OS3

OS 3 is designed to remove complexity from your life by focusing on simple usability with one-touch access and control over your entire home. However, we know there can be a learning curve remembering everything that your Control4 System can do. Our “How do I” video series aims to help you learn how to use every function of your system on your own. We have quick video guides to get you going, from sharing media, to uploading backgrounds, to favoriting devices and media for easy access. Smart Home Automation.


Smart Lighting

With no touch at all, your home knows when you’re arriving in the evening and sets your lights to lead the way. You’ll never come home to a dark house again. Motion sensors also provide hands-free illumination to the restroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. And by using just your voice, you can light the way when your arms are full or tell your house to turn off every fixture from the comfort of your bed. Smart Home Automation.

What Else Can Control4 Do?

Control4 Multiroom Audio


Multi-Room Audio

A multiroom audio system from Control4 allows for effortless control of high-quality music and media everywhere or in individual rooms that have connected speakers. From a single controller, you can blanket any zone in your home with immersive sound to complement the task at hand.

Control4 Voice Control


Voice Control

Using Josh, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, you can control a specific device, a few devices simultaneously, or your entire Control4 Smart Home with just your voice.

Control4 Home Theater


Home Theater

The cornerstone of any great home theater is the A/V gear. A big, bright screen, a stellar surround sound system featuring Triad or Episode audio, and high-res components are critical to the experience. However, if this equipment is too difficult to operate, you’ll quickly begin to lose interest in your entertainment investment.  

Control4 Home Security


Home Security

Security is just one smart home solution that Control4 offers. By integrating your security system with the rest of your home, your home truly becomes smart. 

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