EXCELLENT customer service. And I can’t tell you how excited we are to have a TV on the back porch. My husband loves that he can be outside, grilling or whatever, and still watch his games. These guys did a great job and we’re very happy with the products and service. We have been using Theatron for several years and will continue to be loyal customers.

Project: Home Theater – 12,000.00

Project: Outdoor Television – 2,300.00

Carlyn Hamilton / Purcellville, Virginia

Theatron pre-wired our home and provided the equipment and installation for an integrated home entertainment and security system. This included over 10 televisions, a home theater, speakers throughout the house and pool area, security cameras, and wiring for a phone system and a wi-fi.

All the work is performed by the principals of the company and Rick and John have been a pleasure to work with. They have delivered on all of our expectations and beyond. We can always depend on them to address all of our concerns and they have continued to upgrade the capabilities of the system. We both are rather ignorant when it comes to electronic systems and both Rick and John have patiently provided us with information that we needed and have delivered on a system that is easy to operate while being robust in features.

Project: Home Automation & Theater – $150,000.00

Project: Lighting Control – $18,000.00

Project: Outdoor Audio System – $12,000.00

Jane Sasai / Leesburg, Virginia

Provided a home audio streaming solution and installation. Rick & John reviewed our existing audio platform and wiring platform and then provided solutions based on our discussion. They installed —- new outdoor speakers, zone control unit, and sonos audio streaming device. They did an amazing job. Fantastic. No issues whatsoever. They were very responsive from start to finish. I called them in the AM one day and they squeezed me that afternoon for a consult and solution overview. After looking our the existing wiring in the house, they provided a solution based on the needs I addressed. Again, the entire process from solution to installation was seamless. After the install, they tested the system and provided a tutorial.

Project: Home Audio System Upgrade – 1,500.00

Matt Rueckert / Hamilton, Virginia

Theatron installed a complete home theater (Theater Room) in my basement when i purchased my home in 2000. They also installed an automated lighting system, and a sound system for music throughout the house, and wired the house for cat5 capability.The cost of the original system was 70,000. All components of lighting system are still in use along with the sound system and provide excellent service. We did have the theater room upgraded a year ago with current state of the art equipment. The cost was 25,000. 
As with the original installation of all the different equipment, Theatron did an outstanding job. I could not be more satisfied.

As i stated above, they did an outstanding job. I have no don’ts, and one do, use Theatron, they are outstanding.

Project: Home Theater: Lighting and Audio System – $70,000.00

Project: Theater Upgrade – $25,000.00

Pat Barrett / Centerville, Virginia

These guys do very high end work for some discriminating clientele and I was glad to see that they were just as focused and professional about my modest home project. I will be using them for a whole-house entertainment system, as well. They were responsive, courteous and very knowledgeable. Now I can view my home and property from many POV’s through my smartphone or iPad, which gives me great peace of mind.

Project: Home Surveillance System – $3,000.00

Kevin Jones / Purcellville, Virginia

Rick and John Installed custom Lutron Sun Shades throughout the home. They also installed a TV with surround sound system. They were professional, complete, on time and very courteous. They know there trade and do what they say they will do and you can depend on the schedule they agree to.

Project: Lutron Shading – $5,000.00

Floyd Clarke / Reston, Virginia

Theatron (Rick and John) came to our house and prepared a detailed plan of action to encompass all of our issues and desires. From this they prepared a detailed price quote for us to choose what we wanted to accomplish based on the price quoted. An implementation plan was developed wherein they had to coordinate with the contractor for the home renovation. They worked continuously with the contractor to determine the exact timing of their work, completed the various phases of the work without interfering with the contractor to include the final phase of completely programing all the equipment and loading in all personal information. The final step, perhaps the hardest, was to train all the users on the system which was accomplished over 3 separate visits as we became more aware of the system capabilities. Ultimately as we had questions, Rick and John spent time on line with us to re-educate us or fine tune the programing to our new environment. The whole process was extremely well organized and implemented.

Project: Home Automation & Lighting System – $150,000.00

Ralph Culver / Virginia Beach, Virginia

Theatron performed whole house automation services including, lighting, alarm system, home theatre, audio, video, home networking. The installation was handled professionally and on a timely basis. My home was a large job and they were able to accommodate the size and unique issues that we had to deal with.

Project 1: Home Automation System & Theater – $500,000.00

Project 2: Outdoor Audio System – $14,000.00

Project 3: Cell Phone Repeater System – $6,000.00

Project 4: Nanny Camera System – $ 2,400.00

Dave Truitt / Great Falls, Virginia

I purchased an expansion to my movie system which is controlled by whole home automation. Not only were they responsive but they talked me through the configuration in an easy to understand way. Having used others in this line of work this company stands out in the areas that are important.

Project: Kaleidescape Movie Server – $36,000.00

Ian Hill / Tulsa, Oklahoma

Installed a complete home theater and T.V. system throughout the entire house. Also installed our alarm system and light control system. Rick and John handled all aspects of the install and continue to service and upgrade our system as needed.

Project 1: Home Automation System & Theater – $200,000.00

Project 2: Audio/Video upgrade – $80,000.00

Project 3: Theater upgrade – $20,000.00

Tom Kelly / Great Falls, Virginia

We are a high-end interior design firm in the DC Area. We only recommend Theatron to our clients. They are very professional, will go above and beyond. Theatron recently completed a 15,000 sf whole house installation with us. The client is very happy.

Listen to Theatron, they are up to date with all of the new technology!

Lucas Trunnell / Great Falls Distinctive Interiors

Theatron Installed a sound system to improve existing system to include computer directed music search and connection to the internet, installed new speakers in the basement and second deck area and replaced old speakers on the first deck. Very professional and clean. I am using them to do more in our home and office. Excellent people.

Project 1: Savant Audio System – $12,000.00

Project 2: Home Theater – $6,000.00

Project 3: Office Music System – $1,500.00

Vince DiFabio / Fredrick, Maryland

Rick Smith and his team built us a beautiful theater, and have continued to maintain and upgrade as required.

Project 1: Home Theater System – $300,000.00

Project 2: Additional Projector – $30,000.00

Project 3: Kaleidescape Upgrades – $45,000.00

Hadrian Katz / McLean, Virginia

Great team of guys, you deal w/ just the owners of the company to handle all of your sales, install and tech services & support. Not only was it easy to get them to explain all the technology now in my home, but their install quality has been second to none. So cool controlling my whole house via an iPad now!

Project: Home Audio & Video System : $30,000.00

Abe Hamrah / Sterling, Virginia