There’s nothing quite like the crisp air of fall, donning your favorite jersey and the thrill of watching your team’s first game of the season. Whether you’re parked outside of the stadium or in front of your TV at home, it’s time to start thinking about optimizing your gear to kick the season off right!

Football At Home

For watching football at home, you want the biggest display you can fit into your living room to draw you into the action—letting you feel the blow of every tackle and the thrill of each touchdown. Whether you opt for a cutting-edge Ultra HD (four times the resolution of HD) or just want to upgrade to a bigger screen, we’ve got the know-how to get your equipped with the clearest, most immersive image possible.

For a truly exquisite image, we can professionally calibrate your flat panel TV or 2-piece projector/screen system. Our trained techs know how to access advanced picture settings, dial in your black levels and adjust your TV to the room, making every gridiron battle look stunning. Or, skip the TV and consider a projector and screen for the hugest viewing experience. Projectors are brighter than ever and some screens are now designed to reject ambient light, making these systems better suited for multipurpose rooms and more appropriate for when it’s time to host the game at your house and many fans will be watching at once.

The Sound Factor

Since football is broadcast in Dolby® Surround, getting your speakers working at optimal levels is a must. Whether you use individual surround speakers and a subwoofer or a sound bar, we can help make your living room sound like you are back in the crowd at your alma mater’s stadium. Sure, it’s fun to go to the stadium, brave the elements, and make your way through the crowds to watch the game. But when your system is tweaked, your in-home experience can rival season tickets. Invite friends and family over to share the event and show off your system. If you want fall football to really shine this season, give Theatron Home Theater and Smart Homes a call  today to check out our home system options in the Northern Virginia Area!