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If ten years ago someone told you that you would be watching high definition movies over the internet would you have believed them?  Well today, four or five of your family members might all be doing this at the same time putting a tremendous strain on a basic home network.

Or what about that great new home music system you just put in that is controlled with your iPhone.  You invite 50 friends over for a big party to show it off, but once they all come into your home, their iPhones all start constantly trying to connect to your network and boom, your network is down and your cool new system is dead.

Home Networking

Today’s home network is becoming the most critical system in the home after the electrical wiring.  We’ve got video streaming, music downloads, video conferencing, Skype, and secure business VPN connections all putting a load on your network.  We also have sophisticated electronic thieves roaming neighborhoods with wifi spying devices attempting to hack into your network.

A fast and secure home network is no longer the two or three $50 boxes you buy at an office supply store.  If you are serious about speed and security, it’s an an enterprise grade or high-end residential system you need.

Theatron specializes in high-performance networks. We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing different wireless access points and routers to determine the best combinations for speed and security.  If you want something better than you can get from the big box stores, we would love to help you out.  Theatron specializes in Araknis network gear and there is no comparison to how much better these perform than off the shelf network gear.

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