For families who wish to share amazing cinematic experiences with films that they love, the Kaleidescape Alto and the Kaleidescape Movie Store are a winning combination.

The Kaleidescape Alto System  (6TB)

Simplify the way you collect ,manage and enjoy your movies and music.

The Kaleidescape System is fully automated, totally convenient, and wonderful to use. You will never have to look for, or handle, your discs again. You have instant access from anywhere in your home to up to your Blu Rays and DVD’s by genre, title, actor, artist, composer, director, scene… almost any way. Build personal playlists or sync your music to iTunes® or iPod®. Use your Kaleidescape System to store and playback old home movies and tapes that have been transferred to DVD.

The Best Experience

Beautiful, elegant, and one of the hottest trends in home entertainment, the Kaleidescape System is an award-winning entertainment server capable of delivering a completely new media experience that’s more compelling than ever before. It will simplify the way you collect, manage, and enjoy your movies and music. Say goodbye to the clutter of all those tapes, DVDs, and CDs, and rest assured that your entertainment collections and home movies will be safe and secure on the Kaleidescape System’s fail safe hard disk. Call Theatron Home Theater and Smart Homes today to see a demonstration of the Kaleidescape system in our Northern Virginia showroom.