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The Kaleidescape Experience starts with the movies and music you love, delivered in the highest audio and video quality available. You’ll enjoy Blu-ray, DVD and downloaded movies in ways you never thought possible, without the delays of warnings, previews, menus or ads. Pristine picture combines with high-fidelity sound to transform your living room into the ultimate home theater.
Enjoy movies and music throughout your home by adding players. Each player operates independently so you can watch different movies in different rooms. players
Kaleidescape servers store pristine, bit-for-bit copies of your movies and music. You can add more disk cartridges to your server, and when it’s full, add more servers. servers
A disc vault copies your Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs to your server and makes it easy to build and enjoy your personal movie and music collection disc-vault


Kaleidescape does much more than play your movies from start to finish. It unlocks the magic in your movie and music library. Discover hidden gems in your collection. Zero in on a favorite scene or signature song. With Kaleidescape, you have instant access to unlimited enjoyment.
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The Kaleidescape System stores and catalogs hundreds, even thousands, of DVD and Blu-ray quality movies, whether imported from the discs you already own or downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store. No more searching through disc cases— Kaleidescape brings all your movies and albums together in an award-winning interface. Navigate by title, genre, director, or actor until you find the perfect pick. Or browse through a beautiful flow of cover art as our built-in Movie Guide inspires you with related titles, so you always have a fresh view of your collection. You can also choose how you control the interface: from the full-featured Kaleidescape remote, a programmable remote, a customized touch screen, or the Kaleidescape App for iPad..


Kaleidescape plays well with others, adding value to the rest of the quality gear in your home theater. When you press Play, the lights go down, the screen masking is set, the curtains open, and the audio track and subtitles are perfectly optimized—automatically. The Kaleidescape System communicates with all popular control systems in your home, so you can relax and enjoy the show.
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Take control of the titles your children can watch. The movies onyour Kaleidescape System retain their MPAA rating categories(such as G, PG, and PG-13), so it’s easy to scan for appropriatefilms. Want to keep inappropriate material out of reach? Bysetting a rating limit on a room-by-room basis, you can preventthe Kaleidescape System from even displaying the moviesyou don’t want your kids to see. Want to know more aboutthe potentially objectionable content in your movie collection?Kaleidescape attaches ratings and parental guidance from the experts at Common Sense Media, allowing you to make an informed choice about each movie you make available to your kids.