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In an average home, controlling your lights is as simple as flipping a switch. The lights in a room are either on or off. Depending on the time of day, however, the amount of natural light, and what activities you’re going to be doing in the room, you may need to be a little more precise.

Lighting and shading control enable you to make adjustments in your home based on the time, space, or situation. These systems give you unprecedented control, provides a superior experience, increases security. They can also save you money on your energy bills.

As an experienced residential Control4 & Lutron dealer in Northern Virginia, Theatron can design, install, and program the perfect solution for you, regardless of the size and complexity of the system.

If you’re building a new home, we will work with your architect and electrical contractor to transform ordinary lighting into an elegant system that enhances your home’s beauty and gives you the freedom to easily set any mood you desire.

Form Meets Function

A well-designed lighting and shading control system give you the ability to customize everything from individual rooms to whole-house scenes in an infinite number of ways. One touch on a master keypad, remote, or mobile app can dim lights for a soft romantic dinner while another can illuminate your entire home for entertaining.
Store personalized settings into different scenes and set them manually with the push of a button or automatically using timers and sensors. An elegant all-in-one keypad eliminates the bank of switches you find in a typical home. Our dimmers, keypads, and shades all come in a variety of colors to match the decor of any home.

Safety & Security

People often overlook the safety and security benefits of a lighting and shading control. Motion sensors, presets, and remote access mean you can create the illusion that your home is occupied, even while you’re away. If you arrive home to a dark house, you can use our car remote to turn on a pathway of lights in your driveway or at any door, creating a safe zone for you to enter the home without stumbling in the dark.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do lighting and shading systems provide convenience, beauty, and security, but they can also save you some money on your energy bill! By using shading and lighting in conjunction with one another, we are able to control both natural and artificial sources of light. This optimizes system performance by making the most of the daylight.
A combination of dimmers, timers, sensors, and shades, used programmed strategically, will reduce lighting use and conserve energy.

Lighting Control For Your Homes Exterior

Light up the night and enjoy your yard and garden well after the sun goes down with outdoor lights from Theatron. These convenient lights will add safety and beauty to any property. Highlight the unique architectural and landscaping aspects of your home. Enjoy peaceful evenings on your porch or other outdoor area. Bring the style and comfort of your living room outdoors! Exterior lighting can add ambience to your front yard, back yard, garden, or patio while increasing the value of your home. Exterior lighting also adds to the safety and accessibility of your lawn. Standard outdoor lighting devices, including motion detectors, have been proven to be deterrents to break-ins and vandalism. Exterior lighting can allow you to enjoy your lawn, garden, and patios around the clock, rather than just in daylight hours. Accent lighting can be a great way to showcase the focal points of your home, while ground lighting can illuminate your driveway, sidewalk, or other walkways. Of course with Theatron, you’ll never have to worry about adjusting the scene ever again. We’ll set up your lighting schedule to fit your lifestyle and let automation do the rest. Call us today to discuss options!
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Lighting Control For Your Homes Interior

Interior lighting control transforms a good design into a truly amazing design. Whole-home lighting offers security and energy efficiency, as well as convenience benefits. With a single button press of the remote control, the curtains close, cinema screen drops, and the lights dim – all from the comfort of your armchair.

Ever realize a light is on, just as you’ve gotten into bed? Ever struggle to keep unnecessary lights off with children in the home? How about just wish there were an easier way than flicking every switch? Each of these cases becomes a “non-issue” with automated lighting control from Theatron. You’ll relish the ability to adjust every light in the house, while never leaving your own personal comfort zone.

Safety features are numerous as well. Hear a noise? Turn on a light without putting your or your family in any more danger. Lights can be turned on while away to give the appearance of an occupied home. Set any of these schedules to fit your lifestyle.

Imagine being able to change a room’s entire mood with one press of a button. Instantly adjust the amount of ambient light, modify shading, and reduce glare any time of the day with illumination systems from Theatron.

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