There’s nothing as jarring as a home theater with bad acoustics. Because human hearing is tied into balance, poor acoustics can not only be unpleasant, but downright disorienting. The good news, though, is that with the right configuration, your home theater can sound better than you could ever image, and can bring your movies, music, and more to life. Let’s go through a few key considerations when tweaking a room.

Absorb reflecting sound

Picture your room as a pool table with the cue ball as the sound. Hit it with a little force, and it goes bouncing about the room with a hefty dose of energy. To stop these reflections from ricocheting out of control, a little acoustic treatment can go a long way. Absorptive panels eliminate unwanted reflections by swallowing them up, making your audio crystal clear. Acoustic treatments have come a long way aesthetically and can actually enhance your décor. You can also install panels (and speakers, for that matter) behind acoustically transparent fabric walls to make them invisible- just remember to use an acoustically transparent screen if installing speakers behind the fabric.

Get bone-shaking bass

Subwoofers are a tricky species, but when positioned correctly and treated appropriately, they can provide the low-frequency energy your room needs for dynamic and exciting soundtracks and sound effects. We can help you to position your subwoofer to create optimum sound and deliver the fierce punch they’re intended to pack.

Sonic Interruptions

Most cinephiles and audiophiles aren’t worried about annoying the family with sound escaping the theater. Rather, they’re concerned about the outside world invading their room and taking away from their experience. Unfortunately, quiet moments in films can often be subject to this kind of interruption, and pumping up the volume just won’t do the trick. We have the know-how and techniques to avoid these problems, whether you’re building from the ground up, remodeling, or just looking to optimize your sound.

Control interior noise

While noise from the outside world is certainly a problem, noise generated from equipment can be too. We seek to locate all of your components in a separate closet to control noise in the theater, making your room rumble with the sound of your music or movies, not your equipment.

Whether your problem is echo, boominess, feeble bass, outside noise, or all of the above, getting control of your theater acoustics maximizes your equipment’s audio performance and your experience. With just a little acoustic tweaking, you’ll feel like part of the action onscreen!

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