Features KEF’s patented Uni-Q driver array
The Ci5160RL-THX is crafted with a massive aluminium baffle to eliminate vibration and is the perfect platform for the 160mm aluminium cone Uni-Q with tangerine waveguide, and four 160mm woofers. Capable of bi-wire and bi-amplifier connections the Ci5160RL-THX delivers on the performance promise of all KEF R Series speakers.
The KEF CI-Reference Series Architectural Speakers are a remarkable addition to any home audio system, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and high-quality sound performance. Having had the pleasure of experiencing these speakers in my own home, I can confidently say that they are a fantastic choice for those seeking a discreet, yet powerful audio solution.
The Halo Family of Remotes were engineered for next-gen interaction and functionality like dynamic access to dual voice assistants from a single button.

A beautiful, new user-interface was designed for intuitive use while providing powerful controls, including thermostats and color-capable lighting, with incomparable media browsing and control, and new customization options.

Halo and Halo Touch come packaged in an elegantly understated form that elevates any space, and is perfect for any customer, from tech-lovers to the novice.

Simply put, Halo is a generational leap to a user experience that transcends all others.