Redefining Home Automation In Mclean VA

Redefining Home Automation In Mclean VA

The term Home Automation means exactly that automating your house and related household activities. This term encompasses a whole range of products and services ranging from the automation of lights in your house to the installation of a state-of-the art security system. You may have heard of this referred to as a Smart Home. All the systems are controlled by various remote or automatic devices and can simplify your life to a great extent. For instance, if you opt for home automation you might want to look at things like a porch light that switches on automatically every day at a particular time or sprinklers that will nurture your lawn at a specified time or even motion sensors to warn you of any intruders at your house. Programming the lights to dim or the air conditioner to shut down when the room is unoccupied, to help save energy, are other examples of home automation. Home Automation In Mclean VA.

Home Automation Choices Home Automation In Mclean VA

Theatron can help to create and install a customized home automation plan. Based on your needs or requirements we can personalize a solution for you. You can choose to get automation services as packages or individual options. You might decide to just have the lighting system and temperature control system in your house automated. Or you can opt for these along with an automated theater system and phone system. The choice is entirely yours. The controlling devices used will depend upon the products used and the applications they are used for. We offer many solutions and components to choose from including Savant, URC™, Sonos, and many more.

Benefits Of Home Automation In Mclean

The benefits of home automation are too many to be listed here. Convenience definitely figures on the list. With just the press of a button you can control the lights inside and outside, activate or deactivate the security system, or keep you cool in summer and warm during the winter. More important is the sense of safety that home automation brings to you. You can sleep easy at night knowing that the slightest sign of movement at any of the entry points will set off the alarm and safeguard you from any harm. You do not need to step out of your car to open the gate on a dark night when you are returning. Just press the remote control to the garage door and you can drive straight in and shut it even before you step out of the car. The wide variety of products we offer makes the process of choosing more fun.