Revel Speakers

World-class engineering and an unmatched design team worked in tandem to create a state-of-the-art music and cinema loudspeaker series that has the ability to capture the magic and raw emotion of a live performance or the pulse-pounding excitement of a surround-sound movie soundtrack.


Revel Ultima2
Revel Performa3

The Revel Performa3™ Series is a comprehensive collection of loudspeakers and subwoofers that blend superior audio performance and stunning aesthetics.

The Concerta2 series of loudspeakers combines elegant design and superb finish quality with the award-winning sound for which Revel is revered.

Revel Concerta2
Revel Concerta

With appropriate hardware, it’s possible to affix virtually any compact loudspeaker to a listening room wall, and manufacturers are free to promote any model of a certain size and weight as ‘wall-mountable’.

The in-ceiling and in-wall range of loudspeakers combine Revel® best-in-class sound quality with a sleek new look that integrates easily into any décor.


Revel Architectural

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