The Savant App: 7 Reasons to Upgrade

1. Programming in Your Hands

With the new Savant App you will be able to make changes from your smartphone instantly. Using the Savant app the power of control is in your hands allowing you to program personalized scenes and schedules without having to call us to make changes.

2. Scheduling Options

With Savant, you can personalize your settings for specific rooms including scheduling the house to warm up before you wake or setting the lights to turn off when you are not home.

3. Scenes

Create, schedule, and edit scenes like “Good Morning” and “Game Day” that capture your current home setup. These settings can be saved and are as easy to recreate as hitting a button.

4. Notifications

The Savant app can notify you about what is going on at your house with real-time alerts via email or push-notifications. Whenever something is out of the ordinary, Single App Home can let you know, giving you peace of mind every time you leave the house.

5. Remote Access with Savant Plus

Monitor and control your house from anywhere. With phone based access, you can make sure your security system is on while you’re away.

6. Updated Controllers

New wired and Wi-Fi remotes allow you to automate more home amenities, including fireplaces, garage doors, whirlpools, sprinklers, and more!

7. Last, But Not Least

A new, elegant, and user-friendly Savant app interface.

The fully redesigned Savant home automation app allows users to personalize their homes with a swipe of a finger. This easy-to-use app, available for Android and iPhone, allows you to control your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security systems from anywhere. The Savant app learns your preferences and the services you interact with most. With that information, the app recognizes your individual needs and your house becomes customized to your lifestyle. From early mornings to movie nights, the new Savant app lets you create the perfect environment for your lifestyle.