Savant Home Automation

Savant Home Automation

Savant Home Automation was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. When we began to imagine what the ideal Savant Home Automation would look like, the one common thread was comfort—the feeling that everything in your home is just how you like it. And because everyone likes things a certain way, we set out to make our product as adaptable as possible. Technological advances became the means to an end, not the reason for our existence. It was the best decision we ever made. It’s what makes us unique. Since then, people from around the world have come to Savant in search of a home tailored just for them, and the one thing we hear from all of them is that once you live in a Savant Home, you’ll never want to live anywhere else. logo-savant  


Savant Home Automation Lighting


  • OFF WITH THE LIGHTS: Set your system to turn lights off in empty rooms.
  • EFFICIENCY MADE EASY: Intelligent lighting helps you reduce your energy consumption.
  • ILLUMINATION ON CUE: Integrated motion and pressure sensors trigger outdoor lighting.
  • ON OR OFF FROM ANYWHERE: Adjust individual lights remotely if you leave home in a hurry. Savant Home Automation.
Savant Home Automation CLIMATE

Climate Control

  • IT JUST FEELS RIGHT: Set specific temperatures in each room to keep the whole family happy.
  • STAY COOL IN THE SHADE: Schedule your blinds to close mid-day and help keep the house cool.
  • CUSTOMIZED CONSERVATION: Monitor your energy output and make adjustments to save money.
  • STOCK UP ON SOLAR: If you’ve got excess solar energy, boost your A/C and save it for later.
Savant Home Automation Security


  • KEEP AN EYE ON THINGS: Monitor security cameras in any room, and outside the house, from anywhere.
  • TAILOR YOUR NOTIFICATIONS: Your home will alert you if there’s something you should know.
  • WHO’S THERE?: Use the intercom to speak to someone at the door, gate, or guesthouse.
  • AWAY FOR THE WINTER: Prevent damage to your home and get notified if there’s water in the basement.
Savant Home Automation Security Savant App

 Savant Plus

  • STAY COMFORTABLE: Warm or cool the house before you get home and stay comfortable in any season.
  • SET THE ALARM: Even if you leave in a hurry, you can still make sure your home is safe and secure.
  • TURN THE LIGHTS OFF: Nagging feelings are a thing of the past—never wonder if you left the lights on again.
  • COMING SOON: NOTIFICATIONS: Get personalized alerts through email or push notification if something is amiss. Savant Home Automation.


Savant Home Automation Savant truecontrol


This powerful combination is designed for the most unique homes, and owners who desire virtually limitless scalability and customization.
savant Home control savant app


An incredible combination of customization personalization for bigger homes, and the families that live in them.
Savant Home Automation savant Smart Host


An ideal combination of control and personalization perfect for most customers—with the full Savant experience at an incredible value. Savant Home Automation

Featured Products

savant Home control Smart Host


Ideal for most homes, with unparalleled personalization and control in up to 12 rooms.
Savant Home Automation


Designed for larger, unique homes that require a higher degree of customization and scalability.
Savant Home Automation Savant Truecontrol app


Savant was the first home automation company to launch an app for iOS. Our original, award-winning TrueControlTM App continues to offer incredible flexibility and customization options for the most unique homes—and their discerning owners.
Savant Home Automation Savant App


Our new, breakthrough app offers a greater level of simplicity and gives homeowners more control of personalized scenes and services than ever before.

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