7 Reasons to upgrade your Savant app


The Savant App: 7 Reasons to Upgrade

1. Programming in Your Hands

With the new Savant App you will be able to make changes from your smartphone instantly. Using the Savant app the power of control is in your hands allowing you to program personalized scenes and schedules without having to call us to make changes.

2. Scheduling Options

With Savant, you can personalize your settings for specific rooms including scheduling the house to warm up before you wake or setting the lights to turn off when you are not home.

3. Scenes

Create, schedule, and edit scenes like “Good Morning” and “Game Day” that capture your current home setup. These settings can be saved and are as easy to recreate as hitting a button.

4. Notifications

The Savant app can notify you about what is going on at your house with real-time alerts via email or push-notifications. Whenever something is out of the ordinary, Single App Home can let you know, giving you peace of mind every time you leave the house.

5. Remote Access with Savant Plus

Monitor and control your house from anywhere. With phone based access, you can make sure your security system is on while you’re away.

6. Updated Controllers

New wired and Wi-Fi remotes allow you to automate more home amenities, including fireplaces, garage doors, whirlpools, sprinklers, and more!

7. Last, But Not Least

A new, elegant, and user-friendly Savant app interface.

The fully redesigned Savant home automation app allows users to personalize their homes with a swipe of a finger. This easy-to-use app, available for Android and iPhone, allows you to control your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security systems from anywhere. The Savant app learns your preferences and the services you interact with most. With that information, the app recognizes your individual needs and your house becomes customized to your lifestyle. From early mornings to movie nights, the new Savant app lets you create the perfect environment for your lifestyle.

Savant Apple Watch App Now Avaiable

The Savant Apple Watch App

The Savant App On Apple Watch Makes It Easier Than Ever To Access Your Home From Anywhere

Hyannis, Mass. – May 20, 2015 – Savant®, a leader in premium smart home technology, today announced the availability of the Savant App on Apple Watch.

Using the Savant App on Apple Watch makes it more convenient than ever to access your home. From home or away, homeowners can glance at what services are in use with just a tap, or activate scenes like “Away” or “Dinner Time” that they’ve created using the Savant App on their phone or tablet.Savant Apple Watch

Savant offers the premier experience in home automation,” said Savant CEO William Lynch, “and our customers want to take advantage of the latest innovations in mobile technology. By enabling them to control their Savant Homes from the Apple Watch, we’re filling a need for our homeowners while maintaining the standards of excellence our discerning customers have come to expect.”Savant Apple Watch

Later in May 2015, Savant will release an updated version of the Savant App, which includes many new features, including notifications delivered through the Savant Plus secure cloud service. This easy-to-use functionality lets homeowners create their own system notifications, and receive alerts while they’re away—so if the temperature in their house drops below a desired setting or the lights go on, they’ll know by simply glancing at their Apple Watch. Savant Apple Watch

Savant Apple Watch

Savant Apple Watch

The All New Savant Smart Host

Savant Smart Host

New Savant Smart Host is 40% Faster, Includes Embedded Control, and Makes Owning a Savant Home More Affordable Than Ever; Also Announces Breakthrough Notification Features on its Award-Winning App

Hyannis, Mass. – April 1, 2015 – Savant®, a leader in premium smart home technology, today announced the all-new Savant Smart Host, an update to their best-selling product that enables control over a home’s lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single app.

The new Savant Smart Host combines the functionality of a host and controller in a single unit, and can help automate a wide range of devices in up to twelve rooms. With incredible performance and a beautifully compact form factor, installation is simple—and its US MSRP of just $999 is the most affordable entry point yet to a Savant system.

“The all-new Savant Smart Host allows our Authorized Integrators to offer Savant’s best-in-class premium automation software at an incredible value,” said Savant CEO, William Lynch. “It makes installations faster, easier, and more affordable than ever—and starting this May it’s going to be powering the next generation of Savant Homes.”

Savant also announced the reinvented Metropolitan wireless lighting line, consisting of switches, dimmers, fan controllers, and keypads offering both dimming and volume control. Its elegant design is compatible with industry-standard faceplates and features a modern look perfectly suited for discriminating designers and homeowners. Metropolitan’s adaptive design also enables the products to work automatically with almost any lighting set-up, which leads to a smoother installation experience.

Additionally, Savant announced new software features to its award-winning Savant App. Using powerful but easy-to-use new functionality, homeowners can now create their own system notifications—and get alerts on their IOS and Android devices while at home or away. “Our goal is to continue to develop ways that Savant homeowners can personalize our App to fit their needs, while arming our Integrators with the best automation system in the world to sell,” said Lynch.

The new products are now available for pre-order through Savant’s network of Authorized Integrators, and will begin shipping in May 2015. The Savant App is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

savant smart host

savant smart host

US Consumers Are Eager For The ‘INTERNET OF THINGS’

Consumers Are Eager For The INTERNET OF THINGS

Cost savings, safety and security cited as primary drivers behind smart home adoption

HYANNIS, MASS. — October 28, 2014 — Savant®, the leading luxury smart home technology company, today released new survey results revealing that more than half of consumers in the United States believe that home automation will be an everyday feature in less than 10 years from now, and nearly one-fourth saying that the technology will be an everyday feature in less than five years.

The survey further reveals that control/ease of use (69 percent) and convenience (58 percent) are the most important features for consumers when purchasing a new technology. Cost savings (41 percent) and safety and security (35 percent) were cited as the two primary considerations among consumers for the adoption of smart home automation systems.

“Consumers have spoken and want convenience and ease of use from their smart home technology said William J. Lynch, CEO, Savant. “For almost 10 years now, people with Savant Homes have seen how much easier automation makes their lives, and we are committed to bringing this experience to more and more homeowners.”

Other important survey findings include:

  • When considering the purchase of a new technology, consumers ranked the following attributes asvery important:
    • Ease of use (37 percent).
    • Convenience (38 percent).
    • Seamless integration (28 percent).
    • Low environmental impact (24 percent).
    • Personalization (32 percent).
  • Nearly half (47 percent) of consumers rate personalization as extremely/very important when purchasing new technology.
  • Women (49 percent) are more likely than men (34 percent) to find low environmental impact as extremely/very important when making a technology purchase.
  • Consumers 50 or older (77 percent) are more likely than all other age groups (62 percent) to find simple control/easy to use as extremely/very important when purchasing new technology.
  • Consumers between the ages of 35-49, along with those aged 65 or older, are more likely than younger consumers (18-24) to rank “cost savings” as their top consideration when purchasing new technology.


In an attempt to gauge the appetite for the adoption of home automation, this survey was conducted on a sample of 1,000 consumers among the general U.S. population, a sample distribution representative of the total U.S. population. The survey was fielded from August 15-17, 2014 online using The Knowledge Panel from GfK Custom Research. Participants answered questions based upon their current level of knowledge and perception of home automation today.