Is Your Home Network Up to Snuff?

Is Your Home Network Up to Snuff?

The world, and our homes, revolve around the internet nowadays. Whether it’s burning through your backlog of Breaking Bad Netflix™, online gaming, or reading the day’s headlines on your iPad, your home network does a lot of work to power the things that you use on a daily basis. But, all of your bandwidth-sucking devices and habits can bring that network to a screeching halt- unless it is designed by professionals to take the abuse. In the age of the Internet of Things, almost every device in your home, from speakers to thermostats, is alive, intelligent, and ready to connect to the Internet. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you up and running, despite network traffic.

1. Go wired

While wiring Ethernet to every possible device is impractical, not to mention messy, wired connections are inherently more reliable and not susceptible to network interference the way a wireless network is. Bandwidth-sucking applications like online gaming and 4K Ultra HD streaming can slow your wireless network to a crawl. Wired networks simply don’t have to compete for bandwidth on the extremely crowded wireless airwaves, making them smooth operators for all of your multimedia and home control needs.

2. Get the right router

Despite its faults, there is no denying the appeal of a wireless system. No wires or installation, plus the ability to move your devices around makes wireless technology popular. To get the best performance from a wireless system, you’ll need a bullet-proof router. Just like how express lanes on the freeway move faster than other congested lanes, sturdier routers simply have more room to shuttle network traffic around quickly and without interruption.

3. Location is important

For optimal performance, your router should not be left abandoned in a corner. Instead, your router should be in the center of your home for total coverage. Additionally, routers should avoid being placed behind Wi-Fi blocking materials, like metal and concrete, a practice that we can assure while installing it in your home.

4. Extend your reach

Are you constantly roaming around with your laptop, looking for a spot that has signal? If so, you may benefit from a Wi-Fi range extender or repeater, which boosts signal to problematic areas of the home for more consistent coverage.

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