Navigating the Smart Home Journey: The Best Place to Get Control4 in Northern Virginia

In the bustling landscape of Northern Virginia, where technological innovation meets modern living, the quest for the perfect smart home solution can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you’re looking to elevate your home with the power of Control4, the question arises: where is the best place to turn for a seamless integration experience? In this article, we unravel the answer and shine a spotlight on the premier destination for Control4 enthusiasts in Northern Virginia.

The Ultimate Destination: Theatron Home Theater & Smart Homes

As you embark on your journey to transform your living space into a state-of-the-art smart home, there’s one name that stands out in Northern Virginia—Theatron Home Theater & Smart Homes. With a track record of excellence and a reputation for being a pioneer in home automation solutions, Theatron is the ultimate destination for those seeking the best of Control4 in the region.

Why Theatron?

  1. Unparalleled Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, Theatron’s team boasts an unparalleled level of expertise in Control4 systems. Their certified professionals have the knowledge and skillset to design, implement, and optimize your smart home automation to perfection.

  2. Comprehensive Solutions: Theatron is more than just an installer; they’re your partner in crafting a holistic smart home experience. From initial consultation to system design, installation, and ongoing support, Theatron offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a seamless journey.

  3. Customized Approach: Your home is unique, and your automation needs should reflect that. Theatron takes a personalized approach to every project, tailoring Control4 solutions to match your preferences, lifestyle, and home layout.

  4. Innovative Showroom: Theatron’s state-of-the-art showroom is a testament to their commitment to innovation. It allows you to experience Control4 in action, giving you a glimpse of the possibilities that await your home.

  5. Client-Centric Philosophy: Theatron prioritizes your satisfaction above all else. They take the time to understand your requirements, provide transparent communication, and ensure that your Control4 system meets—and exceeds—your expectations.

Experience Control4 in Northern Virginia Like Never Before

Your smart home journey begins with a partner who understands your vision and can turn it into reality. Theatron Home Theater & Smart Homes isn’t just a place to get Control4; it’s the place where your dreams of a connected, intelligent, and luxurious home come true.

Location Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: 15967 Wenner Farm Lane, Purcellville, VA 20132
  • Contact: 703-967-7781 

As you embark on your quest for the perfect smart home solution, remember that Theatron Home Theater & Smart Homes is your partner in creating a transformative living experience. With their expertise, dedication, and passion for cutting-edge technology, they stand as the beacon of Control4 excellence in Northern Virginia.



Control4  NEW user interface hardware and capabilities including whole-home HD Video Intercom, wireless Smart Climate Control, sleek Touch Screens, and a redesigned Handled Remote system.

Control4 Video Intercom

Touch Screens

The new touch screen control units come in 7″ and 10″ for wall-mount, or a 7″ table top portable model. All feature sleek minimalist design, with edge to edge glass, HD cameras for Video Intercom, and 2x the screen resolution.

Control 4 Remote and Interface

Handheld Remote

The newly redesigned handheld remote system improves upon the current model with a larger screen, customizable buttons, and other improvements for whole-home automation control.

Control4/Aprilaire Wireless Thermostat

Developed with Aprilaire, the new wireless thermostat increases climate control and energy management abilities with support for ‘modern HVAC systems, including geothermal, dual fuel, and humidity control systems.

OS 2.8

The brains behind the brawn, the OS 2.8 software update powers all the new features and hardware with a more modern graphical design.

The Smart Home Bug Is Biting Everyone

The Smart Home Bug Is Biting Everyone

Some people love smart home technology, and some people love what it does for them. There’s plenty of overlap between these two categories, but a sizable group of consumers gravitates toward the simpler versions of today’s technology. Some homes are devoid of tech geeks, but their occupants still want the convenience and the savings that their gadget-savvy friends and neighbors have. These people are looking for the benefits of smart home technology without the hassle of learning a complicated new system.


The Easier the Better

Ease of use is more important to consumers than technical innovation, according to the 2015 State of the Smart Home Report, recently released by Icontrol Networks []. These consumers may be behind the curve of cutting-edge technology (eg: the automated litterbox cleaner), but ahead of your grandmother by being willing to automate at least a few functions. The most popular among these tentative technophobes are automated thermostats, security cameras, lights and door locks. What could go wrong with those, right?



Seventy-two percent of surveyed consumers said they would like a self-adjusting thermostat. Although programmable thermostats have been available for a while, self-adjusting ones kick up the coolness a notch — not that these consumers care about cool (unless it’s summer). Nest is the innovator in this area of technology, being the first to create a thermostat that doesn’t need programming — it just learns what you like and remembers it. Now if only your spouse could do that …


Door Locks

Coming in at a close second with 71 percent yeas was doors that can be locked from a remote location. How many times have you gone to work, or worse, left for vacation, then tortured yourself with the idea that you may have forgotten to lock the doors? Now you don’t have to call your sister or your neighbor to check for you — you can just pull out your smartphone and do it yourself. And if you did forget, you can take care of it on the spot.


Command Center

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they would like a central master control device to adjust all automated functions in the home. This sounds more high-tech that you might think they would want, but really, everyone just wants like items grouped together for ease of use, and home automation is no different.

Tied for fourth place are home monitoring cameras and automatic adjustable outdoor lighting, with 65 percent each.

If you have been thinking about getting smart home technology, talk to the professionals at Theatron Home Theater & Smart Homes. They can help you get started with a basic system, and they can recommend one that allows you to add on when you get more comfortable in your new smart home shoes. Visit Theatron Home Theater in Northern Virginia, to find out everything you need to know about smart home technology and what it can do for you.