The Triad Designer Series is a new class of high-performance in-ceiling speakers that deliver incredible sound by projecting the sound of three drivers through a tiny, four-inch speaker grill. The family includes a full-range speaker and subwoofer designed for superior audio performance, aesthetics and future serviceability. With Designer Series, you can now enjoy premium multi-room audio speakers without compromise. You will love the rich, full sound from speakers that are nearly invisible.

The Designer Series Full-Range speaker (DS4-FR) is ideal for high-performance music in every room. It includes two conventional woofers for great bass response and an Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) tweeter that disperses sound through a 150-degree sound field. This unique design delivers sound that is up to 50 percent wider than conventional speakers, minimizing spots where music is too loud or too quiet and filling the room with sound while using fewer speakers. Square and round speaker grills are available in flush-mount and micro-bezel versions.

The DS4-FR provides full, rich sound sound on its own, but if you’re looking to experience deeper bass, add the matching subwoofer. The DS4-SUB adds the low-end punch to any room while being incredibly discrete. The Subwoofer uses the same four-inch grill as the Full-Range speaker, but don’t let the small size fool you. Mounted in the ceiling are three woofers that work in harmony to produce deep, rich bass.