Architectural speakers are the latest and greatest in audio equipment. Remember when stereo speakers were like pieces of furniture and weighed just as much? As the years have gone on, they’ve gotten smaller and smaller while the sound just gets better and better. But only if you purchase the right product. Otherwise, the hardware might be modern enough to fit in your pocket, but the sound might be more reminiscent of an old-time Victrola.

Many homes are wired or retrofit for the ability to hear music in every room, but you still need to find a place to put the speakers. They might be tiny in comparison to what they looked like in the 70s, but they can still put a kink in your décor, especially if you have gone the minimalist route. Wireless speakers are a great invention and make placement easier, but the sound quality can’t compare to hard-wired models, which can leave nests of cables tangled in the corners of every room. Enter: recessed architectural speakers.

Indoors or Out

Architectural speakers can be installed in the walls or ceiling of any room in your home and they will seamlessly blend with their surroundings so that the music appears to be coming from the air! Aluminum, rust-proof grilles make it safe to install these speakers in kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and other high-moisture areas. They come in white to match most ceilings, but if you want them installed in the walls instead, they’re paintable so you can have an exact match. The superior sound quality of top-of-the-line architectural speakers lends a live quality to the music you stream. They are perfect for basement home theaters, where the authentic cinema surround-sound can fool anyone into thinking they’re at the multiplex.

But why limit your enjoyment of music to the inside of your home? Architectural speakers can be installed outside as well, allowing you to play some classical music for a romantic dinner al fresco, some old-time rock-n-roll for a baby boomer backyard birthday party, or modern tunes for your teenagers’ pool party.

Great for Offices

These nearly invisible speakers are also perfect in an office setting. And today’s models are not like the tinny ones you remember from your dentist’s office — this is high performance, state-of-the-art sound. Individual controls allow you to play music for clients in some areas while allowing for different music for employees in other areas. Or music can be turned off altogether in rooms where workers need quiet for meetings or to focus on their work.

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